Penguins Assignment


The aim for this assignment was to create a motivational photo which consisted of the image being black and white with one section of the photo of your choice being in colour. I felt this photo I took of a soldiers gun and helmet the strongest and most motivational, as it expresses war, conflict and death.  I enjoy the method that was used in the assignment brief to draw the attention to the rifle was to make the the area surrounding my main object black and white, and leave the colour of the rifle in, which makes the photo unique and captivating.

This photo was taken with an aperture around f16, so the foreground was blurred out, again another technique of drawing all the attention towards the rifle. I had the shutter speed on 1/1000 so that I got a clean RAW quality photo, which shows all of the objects details. I was inspired by war photos which contained a helmet balancing on a gun as it symbolised defeat and generated a depressed feeling towards the fallen soldier.

The objects used was a toy rifle and helmet from a doll of a WWII soldier, as it was easy to get hold of a realistic gun and helmet without it being real and having to get permission and licences which could have taken days to obtain It was also easy to model as I placed these objects in an old piano, as the old worn down wood created the illusion of an 1930 floor.



My Favourite Movie

824931“I would like, ah, if I may, …to take you on a strange journey.” This strange journey is however about my favourite movie which is Rocky Horror Picture Show. Out of the vast majority of movies I watch daily, this movie for some peculiar reason stood out to me the most. I would assume it would be due to the extravagant and out of this world characters that Richard O Brian had created, for example, Frank N Furter who is the main character in this movie.

He stood out to me the most as he’s very full of himself but not in a stubborn way, more of a comedic view. He is a mad scientist who found the meaning to life and wanted all the fame and attention for himself, and to achieve this he killed a character called Freddie who he kidnapped to take his brain, as Freddie took Frank’s limelight. Frank however gets too obsessed in his creation and lust for power that his servants end up killing him and his creation as Frank failed his mission which was why they originally came from the planet Transsexual.

The movie consists of a variety of songs of which are very catchy and tell the story of what’s going thought the characters heads. My favourite of which is a song called “Time Warp” where Frank’s guests who come to see his creation sing a song about time warping again, which I assume is how they got to the planet Earth from where ever they came from. The movie looks as if it is low budget even though it cost $5 Million to make however it made a whopping  $479 million worldwide!

The part about this massive sum they made surprises me as back when it was released there was no internet or spreadable media to share awareness of the movie to everyone. All they had was news/radio stations and posters, which would have cost the producers more money just to get people to notice it. There was however a second part to the Rocky Horror which I have yet to see and admire, I did however see the trailer which induced the same actors but excluding Tim Curry who played Frank N Furter which is the only thing putting me off watching the movie as Tim Curry made Rocky horror the most enjoyable movie that I have had the pleasure to watch.

Favourite Photograph

DSC_0071 copy.jpg
The photo above is my favourite photography photo I’ve taken so far. I love the composition of the Lego figures aligned with the ground. My favourite part of this was the rain in the background colliding with the light projected on the wet ground to form a glare which draws the viewer’s attention to the middle of the photo where most of the action is happening.

To set up this photo I didn’t use real rain for the background, I got my brother to hold a hose above me at a height so that the water coming out the hose would disperse on the ground creating single rain drops which worked perfectly. I used my phone light to project a pure white light on the Lego figures, enhancing their white textures even more making them the centre of focus. For the light in the background I used a table lamp which gave me the orange street lamp glow I was looking for. I inserted the title “The Clone Wars” in the top middle of the photo as it was inspired from another photographer who did similar text techniques and it described what the photo was and gave it a story.

I was very pleased with the outcome, as when I took the photo I didn’t want to look into the screen to see what I was taking as I would have over thought about the composition too much and missed the perfect opportunity, which I managed to capture.

I decided to create this as my own assignment as I wanted to publish and showcase to the public my favourite photo and the reasons why.


Definition Of Social Media

If I was describe Social Media in one word, it would be colossal.

I used the word colossal, as it sums up how gigantic the online universe is and the mass amount of people connecting together from around the world. It also advertises the messiness of social media, where it can range from a form of friendly everyday communication between friends to more sinister and darker topics, which can have a serious impact on someone’s life.

Social media can also strive towards the business side of the world, where business partners can communicate through programs such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype. Multi million dollar deals can be discussed through social media and in some ways start off a persons career, for example, YouTube. Its the worlds biggest online video archive with the majority of people knowing its existence. It has started the careers of thousands of people who have made millions of advert revenue from uploading videos of their  choice which can range from Vlogs, gaming montages, pranks and many more.

I use social media to share my photography work to the world and because of this have received many positive comments surrounding my work and in time hope that I can gain a job from this. Other people would share artworks or other projects they’re proud of, for example, food, sculptures, cars and others. Social media is used to share and promote your material, of which music artists can share their latest albums or a fast food restaurant can share some of the latest deals in their stores. It can also be used for bad, for example, the use of converting people to join hate groups or to stir up hate online for certain people or the government.

Overall social media is enjoyed worldwide by millions and is a great way to stay in contact with family and friends and to see what everyones up to.