Show Us Your Blue Steel

I was excited when I first read this assignment, as Zoolander is one of my favourite movies, back in college me and a few mates tried recreating Blue Steel as a joke. The objective for this assignment was to recreate Blue Steel with effects and music in your own way. I planned to have it green screened and add my own made effects, however this was time consuming with my other courses and would have had to put a lot of man hours into one blog.


Instead I went with a basic background in my kitchen and added a pre-rendered graphical effect over the top of me to relate to the scene where Derek uses Magnum at the end of the movie. If I had more time I would have added a zoom in feature to the face and more detail. I think I kind of got the face right with the tight bone structure and duck mouth. I wore a bandana to relate to what Zoolander is notorious for wearing.



Make Your Own Mixtape

I enjoyed this assignment a lot, as I got to listen to a load of my favourite songs with my main being David Bowie’s Heroes, which I started the mixtape off with. The point of the assignment was to create a mixtape that people used to decades ago, with your favourite songs. It reminded me of the film “Guardians of the galaxy”, where the main character, Star Lord, has a bunch of mixtapes his mum made that he constantly listens too.

I wanted to generate something similar to Star Lord’s and most of the songs I enjoy listening to are roughly 80s music, which was the best genre. I used a few new songs for others to enjoy, but personally I prefer the Bowie and Prince. If I was to edit the mixtape again, I would like to have added a mixtape insertion sound into a boombox at the start to symbolise the start of the tape and to bring back nostalgia of how music used to be listened to.

In editing I roughly placed songs on top of each other to create a smooth transition between songs, so that there wasn’t a lengthy pause in between ruining the atmosphere. I enjoy the diverse variety of music I listen to, as it is unique and unexpected what comes next than sticking with a boring plain genre of music.


I usually use Spotify now to listen to music, as music has become more mainstream and is mainly on the internet now. My most played artist was apparently Kanye West last year, so I added my favourite song of his in, which was Bound 2. All the artists I added had only one song, however I added 2 for David Bowie, to celebrate his career and he’s one of my favourite artists. My songs last year were mainly party tunes from nightclubs as that’s what I did a lot of in 2017, however in 2018 its reverted back to older music, which is why in my mixtape you can hear some new and old, which is my transition back into the older genre.

For the image I photoshopped a mixtape and put my name and year on it, to relate to what people used to do in the 80’s. I was going to make a mixtape around Prince, as he’s one of my favourite artists as well as Bowie, however I don’t usually listen to one artist I go through a genre of them, so that there’s a wide variety of music, which has different rhythms and instruments that make them unique and more enjoyable.


Auditory Hell

This assignments probably the easiest I’ve done so far. The aim was to create the worst sound ever. To do this, I used my Microsoft Headset, which has a very competent microphone that picks up every little sound. This allowed me to put the microphone in my mouth and just breath in, with a minor scream. To me the sound is horrible and disgusting. It would be hell to listen to that for eternity, it would drive anyone mad.

It reminds me of a Nazgûl scream from Lord Of The Rings, as its high pitch and deafening. I enjoy how mine is more terrifying like its from some horror film that some monster is making. My first hearing of the sound scared me and hurt my ears, as it sounded like some creature that’s just been killed dying.

I used a picture of Johnny Bravo from Cartoon Network, as it contains his quote “Woah, Mama”. Which would be what he would say if he heard that sound. It also has a distortion, so it looked as tho the sound was shaking everything and giving it a distorted look, which combined with the sound would make anyone nauseous.


Inappropriate Laughter

Throughout blogging I have come across some hilarious and unusual assignments, but this is by far the most hysterical. The objective was to add laughing tracks over the top of sad or serious moments in a movie to make it funny. I chose to do the ending of Spiderman 3, as it was sad but some funny parts, for example, Peter Parker’s crying face. I feel as if I did this project to a great standard, as the laughing tracks worked and were placed at precise moments, where it would make any viewer laugh or cheer.

At the start I added a crowd cheer, as Spiderman swung down and everyone applauded him entering frame. I then added laughing tracks over Harry trying to be funny and when he dies. I found it hilarious when he died with the laughing track, as it made the scene more funnier and made his acting look fake. I was inspired by The Big Bang Theory, as they use a lot of fake laugh tracks especially on parts that aren’t funny.

I enjoyed the scene when after he died and Spiderman and Mary Jane are just kneeling there, the camera zooms off to focus on the sunset. The laughing track turned into clapping, which worked perfectly with the scene, as it looked like people were laughing at all the acting and then applauded when the frame went off focus of the actors to the next scene.

It then goes into a graveyard where Harry died. I added a laugh over the section where it pans down to the graveyard to act as a hilarious moment making the death look fake and a joke. After Peter Parker’s speech, there’s a laugh and a clap to again fade off to black. I enjoyed how it ended with Mary Jane singing, so after she sang 2 lines I added an audience clapping and cheering her on, as they would if they heard her voice. After Peter walks in and reaches out his hand, another laugh track is inserted making the heartwarming scene hilarious, finally finishing with a cheer and clapping applauding them reuniting and a great movie ending.


Video Game Cover Mashup


In this assignment the aim was to generate a game cover that would likely been seen on the shelves combining two games together. I thought of two of my favourite games, which turned out to be “Overwatch” and “Battlefront II”. I wanted to have it saying Battlewatch II, however it was too difficult to find the exact font and it didn’t have that well of a ring to it, so I went with just having Overwatch underneath, so it looked like its a collab of the two games, with both main aspects still in touch with their origins.


I was inspired by the main Battlefront II poster, pictured right. I was going to make the three Overwatch characters above the logo more blue and have a glitch effect, however it was time consuming and would have made the cover look boring and not eye catching, as there would of been too much blue on the screen and I enjoyed the vibrant, contrasting colours of the Overwatch characters. For the map below to show what area you would expect to play in, I went with an Overwatch map called “Black Forest”, as this looked the most Star Warsy.

I also went with their trio characters above the logo, as this was a nice composition, which showcased some of the main characters you’d expect to play and was a safe number to look interesting and unique. I added two clone troopers over the top of the map at the bottom to relate to the original poster, with Luke Skywalker pictured at the left hand side to show a main character in Star Wars and balance off some of the player models not have a static, unrealistic formation.

I was going to place a PS4 logo at the top to make it appear as a game cover more, however I enjoyed the look of having the Overwatch logo lit up at the top, as it acted as like a heaven/hell look, where the strong, golden light at the top is heaven, and the dark, morbid war at the bottom represents hell. Lastly I inserted a TIE-Fighter above the clone troopers, which was inspired by the original Battlefront II poster, where they had multiple ships fighting. I copied and pasted Luke’s lightsaber, with extra green glow, to act as the ships laser cannons.


Funny Singing Voice Over

This assignment was one of the funniest I’ve had the pleasure of doing, as it involved me and a mate singing at 4pm in a recording booth to the most ridiculous songs we could imagine. We booked out a microphone with Av Loans, booked out a recording booth, set up the Apple Mac and Audition and just sang and had fun.

To start off with I thought of the hardest, most high pitch song I could sing, I was originally going to go with Chum Drum Bedrum, as its a Russian song the lyrics are really easy to pick up and are hilarious, especially in the chorus. So instead I thought of a game called Hitman Blood Money, where in the menu shows the main character laying dead in a coffin, with the song “Ave Maria”. I found this song not just powerful but hilarious at the same time, as it spiritually spoke to me in a comedic way.

I then remembered the scene from hangover where Alan sings the song perfectly and is hilarious, so as the assignment stated to sing over the top of a video, that is what I did, with a few mistakes and laughing due to my mate.

The next song I tried singing was the chorus of “Logic – 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid”. It’s a depressing and sad song with a strong meaning, however as we were messing around I sang terribly and it was hilarious. I tried doing the chorus as its the only part I knew, however as you have probably heard, it was terrible and I messed up on the lyrics and just screamed instead.

Lastly I sang a song by Rick and Morty, where Rick Sanchez talks about Terry Folds, which is a made up alien in the universe of Rick and Morty. I found this song hilarious and somewhat oddly soothing. So again as I always do, I sang along. This one was my favourite, as it didn’t take much effort on the vocal cords and had hilarious lyrics. I sang it alright but went really off at times especially towards the end when my mate was messing around and distracted me, which added to the hilariousness of the song.


Create Your Own Room

This was an interesting assignment, I don’t enjoy house redesign shows or anything to do with DIY, however I did enjoy choosing what I would like for my perfect bedroom and it turns out I would love to have a modern/futuristic space like bedroom, which would be amazing. Maybe the fact that I binge watched the new Star Trek Discovery and wanted to get on the ship.


So to start off with, I went with a basic futuristic white room with some top down white LED’s to give the feeling of a space ship. It does however look really depressing and secluded from the world, so if I was to change it add some windows and be situated above a city on some skyscraper or something, so I would be able to see the world and its people so there would still be that social connection.


Secondly I would go with a TV bed. I have at home got a really comfortable low down bed with a TV at the end of it, but it takes up so much room at the end of the bed and has wires everywhere. There is also a chance of it being pushed over. So I would prefer it if the TV went inside the bed, was protected by the hard bed cover and had all the wires inside, to keep it manageable and clean. It would also add to the futuristic space feeling, where the TV will slowly come out the bed immersing me into the future.


I would love to have this set up. At home I have neon lights under my desk, so I’m able to see my keyboard and to give the desk a bit of life and modernise it. I would really like to have more neon lights especially on the computer screen attached to a wall, which would appear as a computer attached to the spaceship. I would also like to have the desk as one peice of wood or just a white block, to appear as if its being held up by the ships design.


As an extension, I would have a fish tank with a similar neon colour as well and have that either inbuilt into the wall or on the desk with me. I would like to as seen in this photo have jellyfish, as they have a futuristic alien look to them, which I find would be pretty to look at and interesting.


I have already got Tsum Tsums, like the stitch picture in this image. I would like a huge collection of them filing my room, as they’re so soft and adorable to look at. I also am a huge fan of Disney so would love to have most of my favourite characters as weird looking alien pillows to mess about with.


Again I own a huge teddy bear and would like to take my own, but however if there is a bigger one I would take that, as it would be comforting to snuggle with, so you didn’t feel alone, as the bedroom looks like it would be lonely and it would hilarious to jump on.


I have over time collected a few Assassins Creed statues, as I find their build extravagant and unique. I would like to bring all my gaming figurines with me to this new bedroom, as I love having a bit of the digital world in real life.


I would also have a huge sound system, as I love music and bass, I would like to have subwoofers with neon lights everywhere blasting out my favourite music from Spotify.


Lastly, as a final touch to my futuristic space bedroom, I would have a modern looking wardrobe, where I would store clothes and figurines. I find this looks the best, as its sleek and has a rich futuristic taste you see in space movies.


Google Draw Something



This was one of the funniest assignments I’ve had to do so far, as the aim was to use Google Draw to draw an object that it states, then a text to speech voice goes over its database of different objects it could be. It astonishes me how it does it however I think it recognises certain shapes, as its first guess is always line. I know they’re terrible drawings, its very difficult to draw with a mouse, however I roughly got the shapes right and the woman seemed to guess it right. It did however take 3 tries to get 6/6, as she would say the most random objects known to man, even though my drawings would be easy to guess in my opinion.

Above are two of my attempts, as you can see she couldn’t guess the drums even though it clearly shows a drum being played. It was hilarious and a lot of fun and it’s impressive Google create all these different technology advanced programs that they allow people to mess around with. It also relates to the Google Doodles they do now and then, where they would have people draw up their logo in different styles and they would have that logo on their site for a day, which is nice that they give back to the community.


Go Back In Time

In this assignment the objective was to use a website called The Wayback Machine ( In this website you can enter any address you want and see what it looked like when it was first made onwards. The assignment asks to take a look at several different sights and see what they looked like a few years ago, of which I did.


To start off with I chose the main website I and most people use, which was Google. I was interested to see what it looked like when I was born in 1998, as it turned out it was in the beta and compared to how it looks now the logo looks amateurish and cheap.


Compared to how the logo looks now, the latest one looks plain, but has a form of professionalism, as it’s easy to read, looks smooth and the shapes are easier to remember, as there is less detail compared to the beta logo, which had shading and three dimensional textures.



The next logo I looked at was YouTube back in 2006, which was around the time when I discovered the site as a kid and watched funny animal videos. Compared to how it looks today it looks mess, confusing and boring, as there’s not much colour and the basic blue Times Roman font looks too harsh to look at and enjoy.


Compared to the new 2018 YouTube, they’ve changed fonts of the videos and side bars, making it more accessible and easier to read by using a similar font Google has with their latest logo. As you can see in the newest YouTube, they promote more videos and make sure that people watch more and stuff that the user enjoys by collecting data on what videos you watch and would want to watch. One feature I noticed they took out was the online status of YouTube users, as at the bottom of the screenshot of the old YouTube, there is an online status, where it appears you can see the persons channel easier and message them. Also one of my friends mentioned to me a new feature YouTube have added, where they allow big YouTubers, like PewDiePie and others to post photos like snapchat saying they’ve released a new video or a status update. Comparing the amount of users online to nowadays is astonishing, as YouTube now make millions as does some of its users from videos, which is crazy from where they all started out from.



I decided to use my third most used platform next, which was Facebook. I like many others use it too look at news and memes in the world, as well as mainly talking with mates, as it makes it easier to stay social without meeting up and also find new and old friends. The old look of Facebook did make me laugh, as compared to now its so small and cramped. They have kept aspects of their original 2008 webpage. I used Facebook around 2010-11, as I wanted to play a game where you look after fishes and as I joined all my friends from school added me and I was able to talk to them out of school hours, which was nice.

Related image

It also allowed me to talk to my best friend who moved away to Switzerland, instead of sending letters to each other. The new Facebook shows a map of the world and informs people signing up that you can communicate with loved ones and friends around the world. They made the page less cramped and more desirable to sign up to. I enjoy the fact that they kept the same logo since the very start, so over the years made it more of a memorable symbol.




For the next website I went with another social media page, Twitter. This one I found interesting, as they had a very rough, rushed and complicated layout, which makes me question how did Twitter become so popular especially amongst celebrities. As you can see in the screenshot, it was mainly Asian people using the site, which was how it would have spread amongst friends in China and throughout the world. The part that made me laugh the most was the fact they say the words “please sign in!”. I found that funny, as it sounded as if they were begging people to sign in and use their website and nowadays it just says “What’s happening?”, which to me sounds so sarcastic, like from please come on our site to, hey what’s up, to me sounds like they know how far their site has come and they’re just shaking it off their shoulder.


I do like the new color scheme they use now, which I think rotates different colours, which makes the site interesting and unique every time you visit it to keep you interested. Last thing I do like the fact that Twitter used to show tweets of everyone on their home page and now they focus only on famous people and news, as its more interesting; however I feel like Twitter needs to give more appreciation to their users and not just focus on the big people.


I then focused on the site Instagram, as its an app I use a lot to publish my photography work and to get me out on the web and known by other photographers and gain a fanbase around my photography.


In my opinion this screenshot I found was from 2011, as instagram was a newer software, which is only a few years old now. Their site doesn’t seem to have changed much to me, as they still use Iphones to show their app, however they update it to be the latest Iphone to appear as a “cool” software that you should get. They did get rid of the brown, which I think is a good idea, as it made the app look dirty and related to dirt.


I prefer their new logo font now tho, as it looks more modern and hipster. The original logo looked like a student produced it in High School in Microsoft Word, which wasn’t the best look. Their site also in 2011 only sent you to the app to download, until recently they allowed users to use a PC interface to only brows Instagram, but not upload; however there is softwares online that allow you to upload images to PC.



I don’t know much about the history of the De Montfort University website, however I have recently seen the latest one and it is completely different than this, as this was made in early 2000’s. I find it fascinating the colour scheme they used and how 90’s their font was, for example, the quote “Preparation For Life” to me looks unprofessional and repulsive. The main feature I like about this old site would have to be the side images, as the images look unique and interesting, making the viewer imagine De Montfort to be unique and different than any other University. I also enjoy how the name of the University stands out the most, in bold Arial, as this allows the viewers eyes to be directed there first and to remember that name.



As seen in the latest version of De Montforts website, they are very up to date with what students use to stay connected with them, for example, Snapchat and Facebook, where they can promote themselves and keep in contact with students and any questions needed to be answered. I prefer their new layout; however I don’t like the morbid brown they use for the menu bars and text boxes, as it looks uninviting and off-putting. If I was to change the site I would change the brown to a dark crimson red, which matches the logo colour scheme and would be more appetizing. I do enjoy the images they use  nowadays though, as they still use the same unique images with the paint and they advertise the aspects of Dmu and the students work, which is key to entice students to come visit and use Dmu’s facilities.


The last site I looked at was Spotify’s, as I use it regularly to listen to music and explore new songs when doing work; however they add on a £9.99 per month fee, which makes me use it less, as I buy the special subscriptions, which was only £0.99 for 3 months.

2007 2.JPG

I like how amateurish their logo is as it looks like something you’d see at a kids play center or on the box of a fruit drink. Compared to their site now this looks boring, basic and just effort to read, as white on black with one section of green is just unappetizing on the eyes and just makes the site and company look bland. It says in the side bar that it is in beta, as it was a screenshot from 2007, it also stated jobs as they were a new company branching out into this multimillion company they are now from advertising and subscriptions. 6666666.JPG


I enjoy their newer site so much more now though, as the warm orange and pink tones are inviting and make you happy and ready for the latest songs. It also has a look of professionalism, from how basic and easy to read everything is and the accurate positions of the entities programmed into the site to advertise the latest albums and what Spotify is used for.





Been There


In this assignment, I was supposed to find a gif which I can relate to and for that I found a gif from the Disney movie “Inside out” with the character Sadness. I find this gif represents me very well, as I also do something wrong which I never meant to do and I always mess up somehow. In Inside out, you see sadness touch one of Riley’s happy memories and it turns from a happy memory to a sad one. Everyone then turns around and is annoyed at sadness for messing up even though its not her fault.

I find it funny as I also touch things that are pretty like an interesting object or a pretty light, as shown in this gif. I just find this gif so relatable for messing up and doing something I shouldn’t be doing and not having any clue that its bad or it would have consequences. As these characters live inside Riley’s head and control her and everything she does, I feel as if I would have a whole team of Sadnesses just messing around in my head and making me mess up and do things I’m not supposed to, which is a funny way to think about it.