Social Media Evaluation

As I have gone over in the video above, social media is not as great as everyone expects or thinks it is. It is a harmful place where people get bullied, harassed and just ridiculed. It can take multiple forms such as, over text, Facebook, Twitter and would be based around blackmail with disgusting photos or could be about the persons personality or appearance that gets people to cyberbully them, such as if they’re overweight or just have a deformity.

There is a big form of cyber-bullying, of which people just seem to brush over. This relates to a story about a kid from an American College. He recorded a video for himself using a pole as a lightsaber from his favourite movie, Star Wars. This video was then stolen by some class mates and uploaded to YouTube titled “Fat Star Wars Kid“. This then spread around his college with people laughing and making fun of him, it drove him to almost killing himself and leaving the College.

Reference For Star Wars kid:

This is one of the main key aspects of online trolling and memes ruining peoples lives, there are other people who’s lives have been effected bad by memes with trollers finding them online or in real life and taunting them. About 1/4 of memes on the Internet consist of images of disabled or non appealing people and making fun of them for who they are. It is mainly spread over sites such as, Tumblr or 9Gag. These sites are the main hosts for making memes popular and targeting the individuals of the meme.

There is about 1/3 of people online in the world who have suffered bad cyber-bullying causing that person to be depressed and even suicidal, with some people even killing themselves at a young age because of this.

The reference below is quite upsetting and a key aspect of what I’m trying to get at about people being bullied and having their lives taken by selfish people.

This poor girl was bullied online and was kept making fun of even when she was telling everyone she wanted to die and was going to do it, people just pushed her to do it more for “laughs”, which is disgusting that that’s what the human race has come to, hiding behind fake names or hidden IP’s in their mum’s basement telling someone they’re not good enough for this world and should just die.

As stated in the link below, these teens or who ever are commuting cyber-bullying could face jail, parents could face legal charges and could strongly impact their future careers, if the company did research on the person finding all this bad stuff about them. There are multiple charities around the globe face on attacking this problem we are facing online, and I would highly recommend you to do donate to the causes please. Here is the link to the main charity. (

Reference to Cyber-Bullying:

On another note, Social media is destroying our brains each day we use it. It can keep you awake at night for hours leading to little or no sleep at all, disrupting our sleep patterns and leading to health risks. It does come with some benefits with companies advertising to sell their inventory and give people an opportunity to purchase them. It also allows charities to spread awareness and become stronger helping more people. Lastly it is the new news papers, older people still purchase many newspapers but now the news is going digital, they got all the news online leading to less papers being brought, with less wastage and more advertisements on the website, unless the user is using Ad block, a device which stops adds showing on any site, this leading to many companies losing revenue.

On the topic of Ad Block, it has completely destroyed YouTube its self and its users, as the big stars like PewDiePie are now losing out on thousands of pounds due to the subscribers using Ad block, the main way they now get their money is though the Mobile YouTube. Most websites have now converted to the app store such as Facebook and YouTube, which just shows how fast the world is changing when everything’s on PC and now its on a small electronic device, what next, electronic sunglasses? Oh wait…

Social media is making us want to not be ourselves. We see models and beautiful people on adverts and Instagram and we want to be like them. People have gone out to big stretches to look like their favourite people like Michael Jackson or Britney Spears. It is also related to disgusting images corrupting peoples minds, such as if a kid went on their parents Facebook, they could see a disgusting advert about the human body, or as Facebook’s allowed now, artwork of nude women.

There is pros to social media with being able to type fast, learn words, learn about the world and about what friends are up to, which can also lead to depression seeing friends having fun without you is one of the key factors of modern day depression. Social media can help with getting a job if you advertise yourself in need on some page or contacting managers to set up meetings, such as my friend contacting a Nightclub on Facebook about a job to get it the next day.

Reference to mental health of social media:





This ship can’t sink!?

And so here we are ladies and gentleman…. The end of our fabulous journey. Above is our final video mash up of all our projects over the past few weeks. It has been a pleasure taking you with us on our journey. I wish we linked our videos together instead of making a mess of things. We planned for it to go down the route of TV shows and adverts, which we did do well with consistency, however we strayed away from it at the end going off into music videos and other rubbish.

I would have liked to link this more to Leicester as we had going around the city filming and getting people involved, however would have been good to have gone in the city centre and got more actors. Although on a positive note on Brandon’s YouTube  channel we managed to get over 3000 subscribers and a few views for each of our videos, which people enjoyed.

Dance your heart out sweetie!

This hands down was my favourite video to edit, I couldn’t stop laughing whilst making it. The idea behind it was to finish off our TV and adverts, we were going to make a music video, of which I filmed and edited, whilst Brandon danced. I felt we did this perfectly, as the gold digger dance was so good. I felt it was a bit boring on its own, so instead I added multiple layers of Brandon dancing over the top of each other with him nodding to the beats. as this made it more interesting and fun to watch. It was hilarious when he turned around and pointed at the camera, so I took the best part and looped it over and over.  Below is the original video, the dance we did was Kanye West’s, when he’s turned away from the camera.

Finally Brandon wanted to do a Call on me dance, and it was a great idea, as he danced it perfectly-ish. It didn’t matter how bad it was, it was hilarious to watch and make. As the camera was rotating I couldn’t edit him into a studio dancing with the original dancers. However I again added a white background to make it appear as a dance studio, which looked amazing. Brandon’s dancing was hilarious, as it involved moves which made it funny as well as cringy. He was watching the original dance the entire time. I didn’t want to edit the video much as I loved the camera angles and dancing he did. I left in the start of the song then overlapped the better quality later to add a studio transition. I then took out the last part of the song so you could hear the audio after he finished.


Why So Serious….

This section of videos was a mixture of our ideas from the meet up, I wanted to do documentaries and they weren’t too bad however could have been so much better. I wanted to relate to The View from Leicester however we didn’t have enough time or production cost to travel around filming in houses and on the streets our documentary, as also the mask would have caused suspicion and got us in trouble possibly. Instead we filmed in the greenscreen, where Brandon later edited. He added an animated Gotham city background for his joker scene and a more aesthetic sky box for my background.

I didn’t particularly like my documentary as much, as it was boring and weird. Brandon’s however I fully enjoyed, as I liked getting the camera angles and making it sound and look like a documentary with my voice asking questions and his answering. He did do a weird Russian/Indian accent for some reason but was still funny and captured the aim of what we wanted, which was a TV documentary about a condition or disease. Below is the steps Brandon took to edit his video.

JOKER 1paul 2PAUL 3PAUL 4JOKER 1Joker 2joker 3Joker 4

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Is there anything else more to life then to be really, really, really RIDICULOUSLY good looking??

To start off with, me and Brandon had a quick meeting in the greenscreen room, to discuss where we will be taking our project and how were going to be linking it together instead of having random videos everywhere. We finally agreed on going down the TV/Advert route, as before we experimented with shows and adverts trying them out and we found them so fun. We felt adverts were the best route to go down mainly, as it’s less time consuming and is so much fun to edit.

So after this 9 minute meet up, we decided on filming two adverts, which we researched on YouTube to see what would be the best and most fun to recreate.Brandon recorded both videos, whilst I wanted to do the modelling and posing. I copied most of the poses from the original videos with an extra twist. I wanted it to look professional and funny.

I edited both of them adding a white background to look like a photography studio, as well as making them black and white to relate to the original adverts. For the first advert I advertised Loreal shampoo, I added water droplets slashing to act as me being soaked and refreshed with the new shampoo. The main reason behind making these adverts is mainly linked to Zoolander, as he is a comedic model. I did his “Blue Steel” face though out the entire video, which I found worked perfectly.

The other advert was sponsoring Lynx Africa, as I had that product on me at the time I thought it would be great to use. For this I mashed it up, I added Chris Hemsworth narrating Hugo Boss, as his voice matched the routine I did in the advert and gave it a more professional feel. I thought of the idea to relate it back to horror, as we previously did have. To do this I decided to put on a mask and pull out a knife killing the camera man and going on a rage, which I doubt would help advertise the deodorant, but it sure as hell was funny.

Even your grandchildren will find this funny

This as the previous blog was another one of my favourite videos to make. It was inspired by the comedy show “Too Many Cooks” on YouTube. I again got the idea from The British Council Film Collection, as they had really old videos with similar fonts. The whole video I edited was in the style of a spoof of a 90’s show intro again on YouTube. In this they do similar things with the looking at the camera directly and smiling, slowly becoming dark and funnier.

If I was to recreate our 90’s intro spoof, I would have liked to add some fuzz over the top and make the colours old and blurry, as this would make it more genuine and realistic to what a 90’s intro what look like. Overall I loved the video we did, I liked the different places and poses we did around Leicester and the way it abruptly ends with me dying and Brandon beating me up.

Lastly Brandon edited himself into a Dr.Who style show which I thought he did amazing, as his editing was accurate and he animated each Darlek to react to his movements and interactions as well as making them move around, which I’m still not sure how he did.


After he edited all this, he then edited a short video of his regeneration, which isn’t the worst but could do with some work, however as Brandon is new to editing he did an amazing first job, and is another key aspect of what our group project is about, trying to get people involved and learn how to use premier pro to edit their videos.

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Don’t call me freak…

So to begin this blog, I’ll tell you how it became a thing. About a year ago I watched a show which was one of the bes shows ever made with my favourite all time TV how opening. It stars famous actors of which started their career. It only lasted for a season though sadly however it was one of the best series I’ve ever watch. Its about a few college kids getting up to mischief and basic American college life.

Below is the original intro of the show, which was what me and Brandon wanted to recreate, as we were really enjoying recreating TV shows and adverts.

Our recreation I edited of this amazing intro is below. As we didn’t have the necessary props I had to improvise, so I used a pole with a white reflector to act as the umbrella and I added a photography backdrop, which I felt looked amazing.

I wouldn’t even watch this show for a Cornchip…

Before we got fully into it we sat down and discussed possible projects we could work on for our group work. We thought back to ‘The British Council Film Collection’. We originally were going to shoot a war scene, of which we did, however it wasn’t perfect and most of the footage I couldn’t get my hands on to edit, so we had to scrap that idea in the end. We enjoyed our projects from last year, which involved handheld horrors. We’d venture around and record ghosts or paranormal events relating to the Blare Witch Project. We wanted to do more paranormal videos, however it would be more differcult, as we’d need new locations that were scary and we couldn’t find many abandoned buildings to explore. As in the ‘The British Council Film Collection’, they had a few war films we were inspired by, we were going to make them black and white however in the end we thought short comedy spoofs would be the best way to go.


As this was group work Brandon wanted to try out his expertise of editing on his scene, below are screenshots of his work, which was similar to mine, however he had a song and a different background to relate more to The Room.

socail media edit 1Capture

This was one of my favourite projects we did for our group work. Above is a short TV style show I edited, of which Brandon wanted to reenact the 2003 blockbuster The Room’s ending scene for some reason, so we shot it and I thought we cant just have that, as it wasn’t fully entertaining and enjoyable, so instead I got him to film me doing poses for an advert, which I could shove at the front of the show for more entertainment.

So it starts off with a few clips of me posing around the green screen, with a woman voicing over to educate the viewer on the item that’s on sale. I added a white background colour in to match that of the original advert (shown below).

I added a Nickelodeon cut in between adverts and the show with Brandon, as it related to the comedy project well and would give a bit of nostalgia to all the kids that watched Nick back with that logo before it all changed. We tried getting similar shots of that The Room had, from close ups to side shots of Brandon laying down with the cloth that Tommy did. I added a crimson background to represent love, of which the main character lost, and blood of which the main character would produce from killing himself. To add the comedy effect to this terrible scene, I decided to get different angles of him falling over and edit them really badly over each other to relate to how terrible TV dramas do to create suspense.

We then move onto the last parts, from where I enter the Nick logo to relate to Disney XD’s logo, where they’d have celebrity guests saying here’s whats next. It then goes back into adverts afterwards, where I thought it looked like a proper advert. It took me ages to find a good advert that would fit what we were doing, after adding in Childish Gambino’s song, I had us dance like an Apple advert. I then added the IKEA logo and voice over to completely fool and surprise the viewer from what they would usually expect. Finally as a bit of fun I made us go super saiyan… and for those who don’t know what that is, it’s powering up to your strongest form in a show called ‘Dragon Ball Z’. It was silly but worked well with the Lucozade advert to show the strength the drink gives you.

As an add on, Brandon decided to edit himself into some Dr Who scenes he wanted to be put into, he did do a good job though with the regeneration scene.

Cover your ears, This is going to get rough…


To start off with, me and Brandon decided we’d experiment with audio first, as it was simple and quick learning steps to professionally editing our videos and using Adobe Audition to make our audio sound good. Above are two photos of us planning, editing and recording our pieces. Below are the clips we acted out of which Brandon edited.


Above is a quick poster I edited to go with our Jigsaw scene we acted out, as we found it difficult to find a good scene to do audio of, we decided to gain inspiration from the radio show, “The Archers”. We enjoyed how they used sound effects along with their scenes, as the whole show was audio it made it more believable and gave the viewer an imagination into what was going on in the Archer episode. I made Brandon have a unique Jigsaw look, as in the film Jigsaw is the puppet, so as Jigsaws master died I thought who could BE Jigsaw. I then decided to give Brandon a Jigsaw style with the red lips and cheeks, however made his eyes completely black, as this gave him a more sinister/mysterious personality which I quiet enjoyed. I therefore named this character, Jigsaws son.


Brandon then used the poster combined with the audio to “advertise” our scene in which we improvised. As you can see there was a lot of different processors that Brandon did, from editing the tones of the voices to echo and sound static, as well as adding in new effects, with my favourite being the woman’s scream at the end. As Jigsaw appeared on the TV to tell me my task, as in the movie, he informs me that I’d have to kill my wife in order to gain my life. To make this sound realistic, we took inspiration from the films with the sounds they used, from chains and meat sound effects. Combining these with the voices made it more realistic and the viewer could picture what was happening and the gore in their heads, as violent as they wanted.


As Brandon for some reason had an obsession in the 2003 cult film “The Room”, we acted out one of the famous scenes, where the main character Tommy gets mad about his wife’s lies and throws a tantrum. As we were creating audio book style shorts, Brandon edited similar stuff again however added a song, which went well with our acting.



Finally we did one of my favourite movie scenes of all time. In Star Wars Episode 3, Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi battle it out to stop Anakin taking over the galaxy and killing everyone. Obi Wan succeeds however has to dismember his closest friend, or as he refers to, his brother. Below is another audio clip edited by Brandon, where I act as Obi Wan and him as Skywalker. He added the music from that battle, which was good however would have been better with lightsaber and lava sounds to make it more immersive.


I love it when a plan comes together

Next Wednesday me and Brandon are going to plan out what we are going to be doing for our project. We have been inspired by the British Council Film Collection and we hope to contribute to the View from Leicester page. Ideas we plan to discuss will be horror related, spoofs of TV shows and short films, which we was inspired from first year, where we would go around somewhere scary and pretend its haunted and record scary short films, of which was enjoyed by our teacher and others.

The purpose of creating these short films is to experiment with what we plan to be in the future, which is camera operators for films as well as creating our own more expensive short films with more professional actors involved, getting the views involved in our films. We hope to learn skills in acting, directing and videography. Using these skills we can compose different unique shots hopefully to a professional standard.

I would also love to do an artistic side to films, such as they could look the worst as possible however with a few effects, colour changes and distortions it could turn the worst videos into the most beautiful and unique videos out there. As an artist it would be nice to include an artistic view on the film industry, especially if the whole video is posterized and turned into a painting.

The last of the stuff we will be planning will mainly involve the green screen. We want to include extravagant and unique environments and position ourselves into them, making a non-profit video into a £100 or maybe a £1000 production. We plan to use a few props such as, lightsaber, sonic screwdriver and wands. As these are very sci-fi/magical objects, we would like to use green screen CGI effects such as Dr Who and Star Wars, they may not look as good but as a student production we feel it will be to the highest of our standards and will give us the training in them skills for the future.

We hope to make enjoyable and original content for viewers, as well as contrasting artwork to go along side such as posters and logos for our page.

We have made a Facebook page dedicated to our project which you can find here –