Design Your Superhero


My superhero was created through the website My hero was inspired by Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games Trilogy. I combined features from her like the hair, face and cape with features from cyborg, whos a DC character. I made it look like she is a half human, half machine, which is a reason why she’s wearing limited clothing items, as I wanted it to appear as she was just in a fight and they were destroyed, which is why she has cuts showing her biological parts. I couldnt add clothes over the top as it wouldn’t show the injuries.

I call her “Cybernetic Rose”. The meaning behind this name is due to the roses tattooed on her thigh and stomach and her cybernetic parts. Her backstory would be she was created in a lab by her father after he tried to save her from a car explosion, which was planted to take him out by the Russian Mafia, but instead got his daughter. Her destiny is to take revenge on all the Mafiosas that are after her father and to make the ones suffer that made her suffer.


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