Create A T-Shirt


The objective was to create a unique shirt with either a picture or text or both, which can range from funny to serious. I decided to place mine in the middle of them categories, where the quote “Sometimes I pretend to be normal” sums me up very well and has a sense of comedy to it.

As I’m not famous and just a random human being, I decided to cover my eyes up, as that’s where most of the identity comes from, so I’d just become a basic representation of a human being which can relate to the person who would wear that shirt.

To create the shirt, I downloaded a Jpeg of a man in a black shirt. I then chose my image I wanted to add over the top, which was the one of me posterrised that I had done before hand. I then changed the colour of the shirt to pink to match my image in the centre. To change the colour of the shirt, I magic wand tooled selected it, used a 30 point paintbrush to paint over it and set it to overlay which kept the details of the shirt but made it a light pink. I did same techniques for the image, however the text was more difficult so I left it as it was. For the text I went on a site called, where I obtained a hacker font which matched the abstract image of me well.

I find this shirt to have a sort of professional feel to it, I know its what I created and its something I’d say, but it just looked like a shirt you’d see in the shops, as the image is very abstract, artistic and unique, which people tend to buy. If I was to process this shirt on the market, I would neaten up the text and rearrange everything, as well as alter colours to see what works well.



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