Vintage-ify A Place

War poster.jpg

In this assignment I decided to choose a mythical place from one of my favourite movies, “Star Wars”. The objective was to take a place from my favourite spots in the world, home town or a fictional place that deserves its own poster.

As the Star Wars movies are about futuristic wars between factions over control of the galaxy, I decided to create an old fashioned war poster from the 1940’s. I used quotes that I believe the First Order would say like “bring order to the galaxy” and “take back the galaxy”. The quotes were inspired by Commander Hux, who believes in order and taking back what the empire had for Supreme Leader Snoke.

To create the poster I used a scene from Star Wars episode 8, where the First Order lined were launching their mass weapon of destruction to show their power. I found that would work well as a recruitment poster, which is why I used the quote “Join the winning side!”. I posterized the image of Starkiller base to relate to the printing techniques of 1940, as well as using similar fonts which are easy to read and captivating.

To create the old look that its been damaged through the years, I overlapped a few old paper textures, which gave a rustic brown colour to the poster. I made the words “JOIN NOW” and “FIRST ORDER” capitalised, as that would gain the most attention so people understood and joined the First Order instead of the Resistance. Lastly I made the word “ORDER” the main attraction of this image, as that’s what the First Order is all about, bringing order back to the galaxy and reclaiming what the empire lost.





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