Return To The Silent Era

For this video assignment, I was excited and thrilled to create my own version of my favourite movie genre, as a silent movie. The aim was to create a modern day trailer and render it in the form of the silent era. I found my edit to go extraordinary well, as I reduced the quality and added some amazing special effects to make it look antiquated.

For my music, I chose Charlie Chaplin’s Limelight Theme, which I found worked exceedingly well, as it fitted the mood of the movie, and without having to edit the song much it timed perfectly with cuts and when a sad moment occurred the music got more emotional and louder. I inserted a countdown timer at the start, as the was heavily used in the old movies.

For the trailer itself, I used a tool called, Lumetri Colour. This tool helped create the black and white aspect to the video, which was the key focus of making this fit in with its era. I also added a minor blur to the video, as this created an old, used camera from the 1930’s, as the lenses weren’t perfect HD. I lastly added a insignificant portion of noise, which again added to the poor quality of cameras they had back then. I wanted to add some decay to the sides of the video, however adding more and more effects slowed down the video and made rendering a nightmare.

I researched into old films such as Charlie Chaplin, and used similar cue cards, which I then made flicker up and down, as they did back in the 1930’s. I also used Times Roman font, as it matched the original and had a look of professionalism. My favourite part of this short trailer I edited, would have to be the ending, as it gets emotional without sound and soft violins playing, as the bad guy and good guy reach out to each other. It then cuts to the “Star Wars” logo, which I found moving, as it picks up in tone and just fitted the mood and look of the movie.


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