Been There


In this assignment, I was supposed to find a gif which I can relate to and for that I found a gif from the Disney movie “Inside out” with the character Sadness. I find this gif represents me very well, as I also do something wrong which I never meant to do and I always mess up somehow. In Inside out, you see sadness touch one of Riley’s happy memories and it turns from a happy memory to a sad one. Everyone then turns around and is annoyed at sadness for messing up even though its not her fault.

I find it funny as I also touch things that are pretty like an interesting object or a pretty light, as shown in this gif. I just find this gif so relatable for messing up and doing something I shouldn’t be doing and not having any clue that its bad or it would have consequences. As these characters live inside Riley’s head and control her and everything she does, I feel as if I would have a whole team of Sadnesses just messing around in my head and making me mess up and do things I’m not supposed to, which is a funny way to think about it.



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