Create Your Own Room

This was an interesting assignment, I don’t enjoy house redesign shows or anything to do with DIY, however I did enjoy choosing what I would like for my perfect bedroom and it turns out I would love to have a modern/futuristic space like bedroom, which would be amazing. Maybe the fact that I binge watched the new Star Trek Discovery and wanted to get on the ship.


So to start off with, I went with a basic futuristic white room with some top down white LED’s to give the feeling of a space ship. It does however look really depressing and secluded from the world, so if I was to change it add some windows and be situated above a city on some skyscraper or something, so I would be able to see the world and its people so there would still be that social connection.


Secondly I would go with a TV bed. I have at home got a really comfortable low down bed with a TV at the end of it, but it takes up so much room at the end of the bed and has wires everywhere. There is also a chance of it being pushed over. So I would prefer it if the TV went inside the bed, was protected by the hard bed cover and had all the wires inside, to keep it manageable and clean. It would also add to the futuristic space feeling, where the TV will slowly come out the bed immersing me into the future.


I would love to have this set up. At home I have neon lights under my desk, so I’m able to see my keyboard and to give the desk a bit of life and modernise it. I would really like to have more neon lights especially on the computer screen attached to a wall, which would appear as a computer attached to the spaceship. I would also like to have the desk as one peice of wood or just a white block, to appear as if its being held up by the ships design.


As an extension, I would have a fish tank with a similar neon colour as well and have that either inbuilt into the wall or on the desk with me. I would like to as seen in this photo have jellyfish, as they have a futuristic alien look to them, which I find would be pretty to look at and interesting.


I have already got Tsum Tsums, like the stitch picture in this image. I would like a huge collection of them filing my room, as they’re so soft and adorable to look at. I also am a huge fan of Disney so would love to have most of my favourite characters as weird looking alien pillows to mess about with.


Again I own a huge teddy bear and would like to take my own, but however if there is a bigger one I would take that, as it would be comforting to snuggle with, so you didn’t feel alone, as the bedroom looks like it would be lonely and it would hilarious to jump on.


I have over time collected a few Assassins Creed statues, as I find their build extravagant and unique. I would like to bring all my gaming figurines with me to this new bedroom, as I love having a bit of the digital world in real life.


I would also have a huge sound system, as I love music and bass, I would like to have subwoofers with neon lights everywhere blasting out my favourite music from Spotify.


Lastly, as a final touch to my futuristic space bedroom, I would have a modern looking wardrobe, where I would store clothes and figurines. I find this looks the best, as its sleek and has a rich futuristic taste you see in space movies.


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