Get Off My Porch


The objective behind the assignment, was to show why Clint Eastwood was so upset. The original gif to show an example, contained my little ponys annoying Eastwood. For mine I decided to use a clip from the film “Wanted”, which is about a guy who has abnormal powers that make him extremely accurate with his bullet shots and gives him slow motion powers.

I enjoyed this scene the most, as Morgan Freeman goes to the main characters place of work to finally kill him; However little did he know it was a decoy and the real main character was about 5 miles or so away with a very high powered sniper rifle, which was used to kill his father. This scene nobody expected for Morgan Freeman to be shot, which made the scene more hilarious and gave it a feel of justice.

I felt this feeling of justice and awesomeness fitted Clint Eastwood’s personality well especially in “The Good The Bad And The Ugly”. I planned for Eastwood to look backwards at Morgan Freeman as soon as he was shot, to make it look like Eastwood expected it and looks away in a rebellious way.

If I was to edit the gif again, I would edit the colours and take out the white pixels around Eastwood, as i felt it doesn’t look realistic. To add to the realism I would add blur and movement to Eastwood, which would match that of the gif behind. I found it hard to make as my computer was running slow whilst producing the gif in Photoshop, and it took a while to move each gif around let alone editing its visual properties.


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