Go Back In Time

In this assignment the objective was to use a website called The Wayback Machine (http://archive.org/web/). In this website you can enter any address you want and see what it looked like when it was first made onwards. The assignment asks to take a look at several different sights and see what they looked like a few years ago, of which I did.


To start off with I chose the main website I and most people use, which was Google. I was interested to see what it looked like when I was born in 1998, as it turned out it was in the beta and compared to how it looks now the logo looks amateurish and cheap.


Compared to how the logo looks now, the latest one looks plain, but has a form of professionalism, as it’s easy to read, looks smooth and the shapes are easier to remember, as there is less detail compared to the beta logo, which had shading and three dimensional textures.



The next logo I looked at was YouTube back in 2006, which was around the time when I discovered the site as a kid and watched funny animal videos. Compared to how it looks today it looks mess, confusing and boring, as there’s not much colour and the basic blue Times Roman font looks too harsh to look at and enjoy.


Compared to the new 2018 YouTube, they’ve changed fonts of the videos and side bars, making it more accessible and easier to read by using a similar font Google has with their latest logo. As you can see in the newest YouTube, they promote more videos and make sure that people watch more and stuff that the user enjoys by collecting data on what videos you watch and would want to watch. One feature I noticed they took out was the online status of YouTube users, as at the bottom of the screenshot of the old YouTube, there is an online status, where it appears you can see the persons channel easier and message them. Also one of my friends mentioned to me a new feature YouTube have added, where they allow big YouTubers, like PewDiePie and others to post photos like snapchat saying they’ve released a new video or a status update. Comparing the amount of users online to nowadays is astonishing, as YouTube now make millions as does some of its users from videos, which is crazy from where they all started out from.



I decided to use my third most used platform next, which was Facebook. I like many others use it too look at news and memes in the world, as well as mainly talking with mates, as it makes it easier to stay social without meeting up and also find new and old friends. The old look of Facebook did make me laugh, as compared to now its so small and cramped. They have kept aspects of their original 2008 webpage. I used Facebook around 2010-11, as I wanted to play a game where you look after fishes and as I joined all my friends from school added me and I was able to talk to them out of school hours, which was nice.

Related image

It also allowed me to talk to my best friend who moved away to Switzerland, instead of sending letters to each other. The new Facebook shows a map of the world and informs people signing up that you can communicate with loved ones and friends around the world. They made the page less cramped and more desirable to sign up to. I enjoy the fact that they kept the same logo since the very start, so over the years made it more of a memorable symbol.




For the next website I went with another social media page, Twitter. This one I found interesting, as they had a very rough, rushed and complicated layout, which makes me question how did Twitter become so popular especially amongst celebrities. As you can see in the screenshot, it was mainly Asian people using the site, which was how it would have spread amongst friends in China and throughout the world. The part that made me laugh the most was the fact they say the words “please sign in!”. I found that funny, as it sounded as if they were begging people to sign in and use their website and nowadays it just says “What’s happening?”, which to me sounds so sarcastic, like from please come on our site to, hey what’s up, to me sounds like they know how far their site has come and they’re just shaking it off their shoulder.


I do like the new color scheme they use now, which I think rotates different colours, which makes the site interesting and unique every time you visit it to keep you interested. Last thing I do like the fact that Twitter used to show tweets of everyone on their home page and now they focus only on famous people and news, as its more interesting; however I feel like Twitter needs to give more appreciation to their users and not just focus on the big people.


I then focused on the site Instagram, as its an app I use a lot to publish my photography work and to get me out on the web and known by other photographers and gain a fanbase around my photography.


In my opinion this screenshot I found was from 2011, as instagram was a newer software, which is only a few years old now. Their site doesn’t seem to have changed much to me, as they still use Iphones to show their app, however they update it to be the latest Iphone to appear as a “cool” software that you should get. They did get rid of the brown, which I think is a good idea, as it made the app look dirty and related to dirt.


I prefer their new logo font now tho, as it looks more modern and hipster. The original logo looked like a student produced it in High School in Microsoft Word, which wasn’t the best look. Their site also in 2011 only sent you to the app to download, until recently they allowed users to use a PC interface to only brows Instagram, but not upload; however there is softwares online that allow you to upload images to PC.



I don’t know much about the history of the De Montfort University website, however I have recently seen the latest one and it is completely different than this, as this was made in early 2000’s. I find it fascinating the colour scheme they used and how 90’s their font was, for example, the quote “Preparation For Life” to me looks unprofessional and repulsive. The main feature I like about this old site would have to be the side images, as the images look unique and interesting, making the viewer imagine De Montfort to be unique and different than any other University. I also enjoy how the name of the University stands out the most, in bold Arial, as this allows the viewers eyes to be directed there first and to remember that name.



As seen in the latest version of De Montforts website, they are very up to date with what students use to stay connected with them, for example, Snapchat and Facebook, where they can promote themselves and keep in contact with students and any questions needed to be answered. I prefer their new layout; however I don’t like the morbid brown they use for the menu bars and text boxes, as it looks uninviting and off-putting. If I was to change the site I would change the brown to a dark crimson red, which matches the logo colour scheme and would be more appetizing. I do enjoy the images they use  nowadays though, as they still use the same unique images with the paint and they advertise the aspects of Dmu and the students work, which is key to entice students to come visit and use Dmu’s facilities.


The last site I looked at was Spotify’s, as I use it regularly to listen to music and explore new songs when doing work; however they add on a £9.99 per month fee, which makes me use it less, as I buy the special subscriptions, which was only £0.99 for 3 months.

2007 2.JPG

I like how amateurish their logo is as it looks like something you’d see at a kids play center or on the box of a fruit drink. Compared to their site now this looks boring, basic and just effort to read, as white on black with one section of green is just unappetizing on the eyes and just makes the site and company look bland. It says in the side bar that it is in beta, as it was a screenshot from 2007, it also stated jobs as they were a new company branching out into this multimillion company they are now from advertising and subscriptions. 6666666.JPG


I enjoy their newer site so much more now though, as the warm orange and pink tones are inviting and make you happy and ready for the latest songs. It also has a look of professionalism, from how basic and easy to read everything is and the accurate positions of the entities programmed into the site to advertise the latest albums and what Spotify is used for.


Assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/go-back-in-time/



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