Google Draw Something



This was one of the funniest assignments I’ve had to do so far, as the aim was to use Google Draw to draw an object that it states, then a text to speech voice goes over its database of different objects it could be. It astonishes me how it does it however I think it recognises certain shapes, as its first guess is always line. I know they’re terrible drawings, its very difficult to draw with a mouse, however I roughly got the shapes right and the woman seemed to guess it right. It did however take 3 tries to get 6/6, as she would say the most random objects known to man, even though my drawings would be easy to guess in my opinion.

Above are two of my attempts, as you can see she couldn’t guess the drums even though it clearly shows a drum being played. It was hilarious and a lot of fun and it’s impressive Google create all these different technology advanced programs that they allow people to mess around with. It also relates to the Google Doodles they do now and then, where they would have people draw up their logo in different styles and they would have that logo on their site for a day, which is nice that they give back to the community.


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