I’m Ready For My Close Up


In this image the assignment stated to create a mashup of someone’s face in a dramatic scene. The thought process behind it was to think of the saddest scene in a movie I could think off, so the only one that came to mind was the scene in Pixar’s Up, where you watch these kids get together grow old together have a good life, however his wife then passed away of cancer, leaving the old man alone.

As the project was about a close up of someone’s face in a dramatic scene, I thought of the most recent events and clips on the internet, so I went with a person called Logan Paul, who got in the news recently for filming a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest. It was a very controversial video and got him and YouTube in a ton of trouble, so I thought the expression would fit the scene perfectly and add a sense of comedy to it, as it was a meme for a while. The original close up idea was going to be of Kim Kardashian crying, as that was the perfect reaction to the sad scene.

Image result for kim kardashian crying

I then got a bit mess with the photo, as I added Mario running away from one of the enemies in his game, as it would lighten up the mood of the image making it less depressing, which was the aim of the assignment. I then added a character from Star Wars called Kylo Ren, who everyone now calls Ben Swolo, as a meme. This was because of how wide and thick his torso was, which surprised many and became a meme because of his high pants.

I found it too plain and boring and still a bit depressing, so I added a little Spiderman swinging off the nose of the old man, to again add a sense of comedy to the piece. Lastly I then added a person called Tommy Wiseau, as he recently had a movie made about him because of how terrible his movie was, so I replaced it with the old lady to give the dying scene a bit of comedy, so it appeared as if Tommy Wiseau was terribly acting his dying scene again.

Assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/im-ready-for-my-closeup/

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