Inappropriate Laughter

Throughout blogging I have come across some hilarious and unusual assignments, but this is by far the most hysterical. The objective was to add laughing tracks over the top of sad or serious moments in a movie to make it funny. I chose to do the ending of Spiderman 3, as it was sad but some funny parts, for example, Peter Parker’s crying face. I feel as if I did this project to a great standard, as the laughing tracks worked and were placed at precise moments, where it would make any viewer laugh or cheer.

At the start I added a crowd cheer, as Spiderman swung down and everyone applauded him entering frame. I then added laughing tracks over Harry trying to be funny and when he dies. I found it hilarious when he died with the laughing track, as it made the scene more funnier and made his acting look fake. I was inspired by The Big Bang Theory, as they use a lot of fake laugh tracks especially on parts that aren’t funny.

I enjoyed the scene when after he died and Spiderman and Mary Jane are just kneeling there, the camera zooms off to focus on the sunset. The laughing track turned into clapping, which worked perfectly with the scene, as it looked like people were laughing at all the acting and then applauded when the frame went off focus of the actors to the next scene.

It then goes into a graveyard where Harry died. I added a laugh over the section where it pans down to the graveyard to act as a hilarious moment making the death look fake and a joke. After Peter Parker’s speech, there’s a laugh and a clap to again fade off to black. I enjoyed how it ended with Mary Jane singing, so after she sang 2 lines I added an audience clapping and cheering her on, as they would if they heard her voice. After Peter walks in and reaches out his hand, another laugh track is inserted making the heartwarming scene hilarious, finally finishing with a cheer and clapping applauding them reuniting and a great movie ending.


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