Video Game Cover Mashup


In this assignment the aim was to generate a game cover that would likely been seen on the shelves combining two games together. I thought of two of my favourite games, which turned out to be “Overwatch” and “Battlefront II”. I wanted to have it saying Battlewatch II, however it was too difficult to find the exact font and it didn’t have that well of a ring to it, so I went with just having Overwatch underneath, so it looked like its a collab of the two games, with both main aspects still in touch with their origins.


I was inspired by the main Battlefront II poster, pictured right. I was going to make the three Overwatch characters above the logo more blue and have a glitch effect, however it was time consuming and would have made the cover look boring and not eye catching, as there would of been too much blue on the screen and I enjoyed the vibrant, contrasting colours of the Overwatch characters. For the map below to show what area you would expect to play in, I went with an Overwatch map called “Black Forest”, as this looked the most Star Warsy.

I also went with their trio characters above the logo, as this was a nice composition, which showcased some of the main characters you’d expect to play and was a safe number to look interesting and unique. I added two clone troopers over the top of the map at the bottom to relate to the original poster, with Luke Skywalker pictured at the left hand side to show a main character in Star Wars and balance off some of the player models not have a static, unrealistic formation.

I was going to place a PS4 logo at the top to make it appear as a game cover more, however I enjoyed the look of having the Overwatch logo lit up at the top, as it acted as like a heaven/hell look, where the strong, golden light at the top is heaven, and the dark, morbid war at the bottom represents hell. Lastly I inserted a TIE-Fighter above the clone troopers, which was inspired by the original Battlefront II poster, where they had multiple ships fighting. I copied and pasted Luke’s lightsaber, with extra green glow, to act as the ships laser cannons.


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