Auditory Hell

This assignments probably the easiest I’ve done so far. The aim was to create the worst sound ever. To do this, I used my Microsoft Headset, which has a very competent microphone that picks up every little sound. This allowed me to put the microphone in my mouth and just breath in, with a minor scream. To me the sound is horrible and disgusting. It would be hell to listen to that for eternity, it would drive anyone mad.

It reminds me of a Nazgûl scream from Lord Of The Rings, as its high pitch and deafening. I enjoy how mine is more terrifying like its from some horror film that some monster is making. My first hearing of the sound scared me and hurt my ears, as it sounded like some creature that’s just been killed dying.

I used a picture of Johnny Bravo from Cartoon Network, as it contains his quote “Woah, Mama”. Which would be what he would say if he heard that sound. It also has a distortion, so it looked as tho the sound was shaking everything and giving it a distorted look, which combined with the sound would make anyone nauseous.


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