Make Your Own Mixtape

I enjoyed this assignment a lot, as I got to listen to a load of my favourite songs with my main being David Bowie’s Heroes, which I started the mixtape off with. The point of the assignment was to create a mixtape that people used to decades ago, with your favourite songs. It reminded me of the film “Guardians of the galaxy”, where the main character, Star Lord, has a bunch of mixtapes his mum made that he constantly listens too.

I wanted to generate something similar to Star Lord’s and most of the songs I enjoy listening to are roughly 80s music, which was the best genre. I used a few new songs for others to enjoy, but personally I prefer the Bowie and Prince. If I was to edit the mixtape again, I would like to have added a mixtape insertion sound into a boombox at the start to symbolise the start of the tape and to bring back nostalgia of how music used to be listened to.

In editing I roughly placed songs on top of each other to create a smooth transition between songs, so that there wasn’t a lengthy pause in between ruining the atmosphere. I enjoy the diverse variety of music I listen to, as it is unique and unexpected what comes next than sticking with a boring plain genre of music.


I usually use Spotify now to listen to music, as music has become more mainstream and is mainly on the internet now. My most played artist was apparently Kanye West last year, so I added my favourite song of his in, which was Bound 2. All the artists I added had only one song, however I added 2 for David Bowie, to celebrate his career and he’s one of my favourite artists. My songs last year were mainly party tunes from nightclubs as that’s what I did a lot of in 2017, however in 2018 its reverted back to older music, which is why in my mixtape you can hear some new and old, which is my transition back into the older genre.

For the image I photoshopped a mixtape and put my name and year on it, to relate to what people used to do in the 80’s. I was going to make a mixtape around Prince, as he’s one of my favourite artists as well as Bowie, however I don’t usually listen to one artist I go through a genre of them, so that there’s a wide variety of music, which has different rhythms and instruments that make them unique and more enjoyable.


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