Show Us Your Blue Steel

I was excited when I first read this assignment, as Zoolander is one of my favourite movies, back in college me and a few mates tried recreating Blue Steel as a joke. The objective for this assignment was to recreate Blue Steel with effects and music in your own way. I planned to have it green screened and add my own made effects, however this was time consuming with my other courses and would have had to put a lot of man hours into one blog.


Instead I went with a basic background in my kitchen and added a pre-rendered graphical effect over the top of me to relate to the scene where Derek uses Magnum at the end of the movie. If I had more time I would have added a zoom in feature to the face and more detail. I think I kind of got the face right with the tight bone structure and duck mouth. I wore a bandana to relate to what Zoolander is notorious for wearing.


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