This is where his story begins… #VFL18

Today I was educated about the new project I will be working on with a partner for View From Leicester . I have chosen a partner who I worked with for my last Social Media project, which we did short handheld horror films, which we got an upper first for. I thought for this project we can remix it and do our own ideas, which I am excited to contribute with Brandon Heys.

The assignment is based around the British Council Film Collection, which is why I decided to go with the Remix side of it, so that instead of using their films, I could create my own unique short films and videos based around their style. Their site features mainly old films and stuff I’ve never seen or heard of, which is why it doesn’t interest me much, as I prefer newer films, such as Deadpool. Black and white films don’t really interest me, as an artist I love colour and I enjoy seeing IMAX style quality and colours, although I did enjoy the Night of the living dead film, as I love zombies and this seems to capture what the meaning behind the word zombie is.

I did take a look at a few of the British Council Film Collection and found a few films I actually enjoyed. – This was one of my favourites, as it shows a step by step process of how they used to make plates and ornaments out of clay. One of the main features I like most about this is that it’s in colour, as I stated above I love colour films, but I love seeing the 1900’s in colour instead of black and white, as it shows more what everything looked like back a few years ago before colour and technology. – This was an interesting documentary on English life and activities. It has a soft voice over, which invites you to listen more and teaches you about people in the 1900’s swimming, farming and their daily jobs if that would be a nurse or a police officer. – This is again a documentary where a kid asks his father about bikes and how much he loves them, his father shows him what his grandfather used to ride, which was called a ‘Pennyfarthing’. The scientist/engineer behind the manufacturing of the bikes tells a step by step walk through of how a bike is made, going from the people that draw up the plans to the metal work of melting and constructing the bike. – This was the weirdest so far. It starts out with a long corridor scene which goes on for a while of a woman walking down, to a scene of her talking with Macbeth. However it doesn’t seem to show the full length Macbeth with all the murders. To be honest I found this film quiet boring compared to other Macbeth films I’ve watched.

After studying these 4 films, I decided to Photoshop the #VFL18 name into one of the political films I watched.

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting

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