Have a whiff of my GIF #VLF18

giphy (1).gif

For my GIF creating section, I went onto the British Film Council Collection again and took a few second snippets out of the films I previewed. For the first GIF I made, I decided to go with a peaceful countryside walk with a mother and son, as I felt this represented the ‘view from Leicester’ well, as it reminded me of Bradgate Park and the view you could see from the top of the hills when I went up there with family as a kid. I used a site called ‘Giphy‘ to create the GIF’s, as its quick and professional. I decided to use the glitch effect on the text, as it resembled the glitchy grain footage they recorded. I left the text on a slant to relate to the hill the two people are walking down.


This was a test GIF at start, as I wanted to find a war clip which showed something powerful and seen as I watched the film ‘Dunkirk‘ I felt this was powerful enough to show about war. The documentary film was about how England made boats and normal everyday people just went out to war to collect soldiers and bring them home safely. As in the GIF the soldier is excited and happy to be saved I wanted to express his happiness by adding a GIF of someone dancing, confetti and a quote saying ‘party like it’s 1492’, which I felt related well to this matter as it is a time for celebrating saving the lives of soldiers.

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