War, War Never Changes (Mashup) #VLF18

In my mashup video, I used clips from the film ‘War Comes To London’, in the British Council Film Collection. I found this one was an important segment of the British collection, as it showed the impact war had on London in the 1930/40’s. I thought of videos I could use to mash in with the war documentary and I played a game called ‘Fallout 4‘. I remembered the trailer how it showed citizens running from bombs and after war, which I felt reacted well with the destruction of London and the effect the bombs had on the country.

As the game Fallout is supposed to start around the 1940’s after war has ended, Japan decided to send bombs onto the United States and so forth, which blew up the rest of the world setting it back to the stone-age. However America was prepared, they built bunkers which people would hibernate in for 200 years. The rest of the survivors on the surface would become zombified. The world is then rebuilt over these 200 years with the survivors and remaining monsters on the surface.

I felt this game worked well with the TV fuzz they added in between changing shots. I loved the start where it would zoom out from a TV saying ‘Please stand by’, as it gave it an old film starting up feel. I added the song ‘I’ve got you under my skin‘ by Frank Sinatra, as this had a post war feel to it combined with its creepy lyrics, making it relate to the zombified creatures above land.

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