I love it when a plan comes together

Next Wednesday me and Brandon are going to plan out what we are going to be doing for our project. We have been inspired by the British Council Film Collection and we hope to contribute to the View from Leicester page. Ideas we plan to discuss will be horror related, spoofs of TV shows and short films, which we was inspired from first year, where we would go around somewhere scary and pretend its haunted and record scary short films, of which was enjoyed by our teacher and others.

The purpose of creating these short films is to experiment with what we plan to be in the future, which is camera operators for films as well as creating our own more expensive short films with more professional actors involved, getting the views involved in our films. We hope to learn skills in acting, directing and videography. Using these skills we can compose different unique shots hopefully to a professional standard.

I would also love to do an artistic side to films, such as they could look the worst as possible however with a few effects, colour changes and distortions it could turn the worst videos into the most beautiful and unique videos out there. As an artist it would be nice to include an artistic view on the film industry, especially if the whole video is posterized and turned into a painting.

The last of the stuff we will be planning will mainly involve the green screen. We want to include extravagant and unique environments and position ourselves into them, making a non-profit video into a £100 or maybe a £1000 production. We plan to use a few props such as, lightsaber, sonic screwdriver and wands. As these are very sci-fi/magical objects, we would like to use green screen CGI effects such as Dr Who and Star Wars, they may not look as good but as a student production we feel it will be to the highest of our standards and will give us the training in them skills for the future.

We hope to make enjoyable and original content for viewers, as well as contrasting artwork to go along side such as posters and logos for our page.

We have made a Facebook page dedicated to our project which you can find here – https://www.facebook.com/LEICESTERARTSYFILMS/

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