Cover your ears, This is going to get rough…


To start off with, me and Brandon decided we’d experiment with audio first, as it was simple and quick learning steps to professionally editing our videos and using Adobe Audition to make our audio sound good. Above are two photos of us planning, editing and recording our pieces. Below are the clips we acted out of which Brandon edited.


Above is a quick poster I edited to go with our Jigsaw scene we acted out, as we found it difficult to find a good scene to do audio of, we decided to gain inspiration from the radio show, “The Archers”. We enjoyed how they used sound effects along with their scenes, as the whole show was audio it made it more believable and gave the viewer an imagination into what was going on in the Archer episode. I made Brandon have a unique Jigsaw look, as in the film Jigsaw is the puppet, so as Jigsaws master died I thought who could BE Jigsaw. I then decided to give Brandon a Jigsaw style with the red lips and cheeks, however made his eyes completely black, as this gave him a more sinister/mysterious personality which I quiet enjoyed. I therefore named this character, Jigsaws son.


Brandon then used the poster combined with the audio to “advertise” our scene in which we improvised. As you can see there was a lot of different processors that Brandon did, from editing the tones of the voices to echo and sound static, as well as adding in new effects, with my favourite being the woman’s scream at the end. As Jigsaw appeared on the TV to tell me my task, as in the movie, he informs me that I’d have to kill my wife in order to gain my life. To make this sound realistic, we took inspiration from the films with the sounds they used, from chains and meat sound effects. Combining these with the voices made it more realistic and the viewer could picture what was happening and the gore in their heads, as violent as they wanted.


As Brandon for some reason had an obsession in the 2003 cult film “The Room”, we acted out one of the famous scenes, where the main character Tommy gets mad about his wife’s lies and throws a tantrum. As we were creating audio book style shorts, Brandon edited similar stuff again however added a song, which went well with our acting.



Finally we did one of my favourite movie scenes of all time. In Star Wars Episode 3, Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi battle it out to stop Anakin taking over the galaxy and killing everyone. Obi Wan succeeds however has to dismember his closest friend, or as he refers to, his brother. Below is another audio clip edited by Brandon, where I act as Obi Wan and him as Skywalker. He added the music from that battle, which was good however would have been better with lightsaber and lava sounds to make it more immersive.


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