Is there anything else more to life then to be really, really, really RIDICULOUSLY good looking??

To start off with, me and Brandon had a quick meeting in the greenscreen room, to discuss where we will be taking our project and how were going to be linking it together instead of having random videos everywhere. We finally agreed on going down the TV/Advert route, as before we experimented with shows and adverts trying them out and we found them so fun. We felt adverts were the best route to go down mainly, as it’s less time consuming and is so much fun to edit.

So after this 9 minute meet up, we decided on filming two adverts, which we researched on YouTube to see what would be the best and most fun to recreate.Brandon recorded both videos, whilst I wanted to do the modelling and posing. I copied most of the poses from the original videos with an extra twist. I wanted it to look professional and funny.

I edited both of them adding a white background to look like a photography studio, as well as making them black and white to relate to the original adverts. For the first advert I advertised Loreal shampoo, I added water droplets slashing to act as me being soaked and refreshed with the new shampoo. The main reason behind making these adverts is mainly linked to Zoolander, as he is a comedic model. I did his “Blue Steel” face though out the entire video, which I found worked perfectly.

The other advert was sponsoring Lynx Africa, as I had that product on me at the time I thought it would be great to use. For this I mashed it up, I added Chris Hemsworth narrating Hugo Boss, as his voice matched the routine I did in the advert and gave it a more professional feel. I thought of the idea to relate it back to horror, as we previously did have. To do this I decided to put on a mask and pull out a knife killing the camera man and going on a rage, which I doubt would help advertise the deodorant, but it sure as hell was funny.

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