Dance your heart out sweetie!

This hands down was my favourite video to edit, I couldn’t stop laughing whilst making it. The idea behind it was to finish off our TV and adverts, we were going to make a music video, of which I filmed and edited, whilst Brandon danced. I felt we did this perfectly, as the gold digger dance was so good. I felt it was a bit boring on its own, so instead I added multiple layers of Brandon dancing over the top of each other with him nodding to the beats. as this made it more interesting and fun to watch. It was hilarious when he turned around and pointed at the camera, so I took the best part and looped it over and over.  Below is the original video, the dance we did was Kanye West’s, when he’s turned away from the camera.

Finally Brandon wanted to do a Call on me dance, and it was a great idea, as he danced it perfectly-ish. It didn’t matter how bad it was, it was hilarious to watch and make. As the camera was rotating I couldn’t edit him into a studio dancing with the original dancers. However I again added a white background to make it appear as a dance studio, which looked amazing. Brandon’s dancing was hilarious, as it involved moves which made it funny as well as cringy. He was watching the original dance the entire time. I didn’t want to edit the video much as I loved the camera angles and dancing he did. I left in the start of the song then overlapped the better quality later to add a studio transition. I then took out the last part of the song so you could hear the audio after he finished.


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