Social Media Evaluation

As I have gone over in the video above, social media is not as great as everyone expects or thinks it is. It is a harmful place where people get bullied, harassed and just ridiculed. It can take multiple forms such as, over text, Facebook, Twitter and would be based around blackmail with disgusting photos or could be about the persons personality or appearance that gets people to cyberbully them, such as if they’re overweight or just have a deformity.

There is a big form of cyber-bullying, of which people just seem to brush over. This relates to a story about a kid from an American College. He recorded a video for himself using a pole as a lightsaber from his favourite movie, Star Wars. This video was then stolen by some class mates and uploaded to YouTube titled “Fat Star Wars Kid“. This then spread around his college with people laughing and making fun of him, it drove him to almost killing himself and leaving the College.

Reference For Star Wars kid:

This is one of the main key aspects of online trolling and memes ruining peoples lives, there are other people who’s lives have been effected bad by memes with trollers finding them online or in real life and taunting them. About 1/4 of memes on the Internet consist of images of disabled or non appealing people and making fun of them for who they are. It is mainly spread over sites such as, Tumblr or 9Gag. These sites are the main hosts for making memes popular and targeting the individuals of the meme.

There is about 1/3 of people online in the world who have suffered bad cyber-bullying causing that person to be depressed and even suicidal, with some people even killing themselves at a young age because of this.

The reference below is quite upsetting and a key aspect of what I’m trying to get at about people being bullied and having their lives taken by selfish people.

This poor girl was bullied online and was kept making fun of even when she was telling everyone she wanted to die and was going to do it, people just pushed her to do it more for “laughs”, which is disgusting that that’s what the human race has come to, hiding behind fake names or hidden IP’s in their mum’s basement telling someone they’re not good enough for this world and should just die.

As stated in the link below, these teens or who ever are commuting cyber-bullying could face jail, parents could face legal charges and could strongly impact their future careers, if the company did research on the person finding all this bad stuff about them. There are multiple charities around the globe face on attacking this problem we are facing online, and I would highly recommend you to do donate to the causes please. Here is the link to the main charity. (

Reference to Cyber-Bullying:

On another note, Social media is destroying our brains each day we use it. It can keep you awake at night for hours leading to little or no sleep at all, disrupting our sleep patterns and leading to health risks. It does come with some benefits with companies advertising to sell their inventory and give people an opportunity to purchase them. It also allows charities to spread awareness and become stronger helping more people. Lastly it is the new news papers, older people still purchase many newspapers but now the news is going digital, they got all the news online leading to less papers being brought, with less wastage and more advertisements on the website, unless the user is using Ad block, a device which stops adds showing on any site, this leading to many companies losing revenue.

On the topic of Ad Block, it has completely destroyed YouTube its self and its users, as the big stars like PewDiePie are now losing out on thousands of pounds due to the subscribers using Ad block, the main way they now get their money is though the Mobile YouTube. Most websites have now converted to the app store such as Facebook and YouTube, which just shows how fast the world is changing when everything’s on PC and now its on a small electronic device, what next, electronic sunglasses? Oh wait…

Social media is making us want to not be ourselves. We see models and beautiful people on adverts and Instagram and we want to be like them. People have gone out to big stretches to look like their favourite people like Michael Jackson or Britney Spears. It is also related to disgusting images corrupting peoples minds, such as if a kid went on their parents Facebook, they could see a disgusting advert about the human body, or as Facebook’s allowed now, artwork of nude women.

There is pros to social media with being able to type fast, learn words, learn about the world and about what friends are up to, which can also lead to depression seeing friends having fun without you is one of the key factors of modern day depression. Social media can help with getting a job if you advertise yourself in need on some page or contacting managers to set up meetings, such as my friend contacting a Nightclub on Facebook about a job to get it the next day.

Reference to mental health of social media:




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