My Favourite Thing To Do

For this assignment the goal was to create a 30 second to 1 minute video of my hobby and blog about why I enjoy doing it. For my hobby, I chose gaming, as it is a regular activity I do with friends, which acts as a social hobby to chat and mess about.

I captured a few clips with Nvidia GeForce clip capture. It starts off with some kills I managed to obtain whilst playing Player Unknown Battlegrounds, as in the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “pretty cool”. I was proud of the mid air shot on the bike and the church section, where it scared me when a guy, not on my team, walked into the church and made me panic.

The next clip is then of a game called, Stick Fight: The Game. Where it involves you and a group of friends to fight amongst each other and obtain the crown. I sped up the clip, as it went on for longer than it should have, but I wanted to include it, as it was hilarious with one of my friends being chased by snakes I released, but somehow still living. The part after is when my friend set my character on fire and I let out the most deadly, womanly scream, which after watching back was hilarious.

I finished it with a game called “Battlefront 2”, as I was in a chat with my mates they were chatting random funny stuff and the clip looked fetching, as the lighting and graphics were outstanding.

I chose these clips, as they’re some of my favourite games I play with mates and it expresses my personality, as I love Star Wars and shooting games to mess about in. I find gaming relaxes me and cheers me up if I’m sad, as you can hop on with mates hang out and have fun, as well as play games to mess about with different character models to help reduce stress.


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